Tuesday, March 31, 2009 2:00 PM
Keller Hall, UNM Fine Arts Center

Percussion Quartet (2008)

Paul Lombardi

UNM Percussion Ensemble, Scott Ney, director

Theme and Variations on a Drum and the Wind (2008) (World Premiere)

Heather Dea Jennings

Kim Fredenburgh, viola; Valerie Potter, flute; Kevin Vigneau, oboe

Prologue, Chorale, Repartee (2009) (World Premiere)

Scott Wilkinson

NMSU Percussion Ensemble, Fred Bugbee, director and soloist

Winner of the 2009 Scott Wilkinson Composition Contest

Fray (2009) for mixed string quartet (World Premiere)

Monica DeMarco


Joanne Forman

Jeff Piper, trumpet; James Finch, baritone; Arlene Ward, piano

Celestial Dreamscape (1997)

Deborah Kavasch

I. A stillness of moondrift II. A sparkle of starlight

Keith Lemmons, clarinet

Corpuscular Integrations (2008) (World Premiere)

James Brody

Katherine Miller, Dustin Neal, Lindsay Braun,
Heather Bentley, clarinets
Angie Diehl, Sebastian Lopez, Josh Parrish, percussion
Scott Ney, conductor