Daytime Schedule for Monday, March 30
9:00 WELCOME: Steven Block, Chair, Department of Music
PANEL DISCUSSION: Kurt Frederick Hall (B-120)
"AACM and the American Experimental Tradition"
Tom Guralnick, George Lewis, Nicole Mitchell
Steven Block, moderator
10:00 MEET THE COMPOSER: Kurt Frederick Hall (B-120)
Nicole Mitchell, Carter Pann
George Lewis, Nicole Mitchell, Carter Pann
12:00 LUNCH for all visiting composers
2:00 MEET THE COMPOSER: Kurt Frederick Hall (B-120)
George Lewis lectures on his music and/or musical concerns.
4:00 CONCERT: Kiva Plaza, (west of Kiva Auditorium)
Robert Morris Arboretum (2008) outdoor composition for mixed ensemble and pre-recorded sound performed by New Music New Mexico; Kevin Vigneau, conductor.